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  We support various charitable organisations in promoting better healthcare for the communities, so if you have an innovative idea for health and fitness, then share it with us, so that we can help change our communities.

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Sample Products Range (This is not an exhaustive list)

Distribution and Supply Product Samples for your Guidance

TeamLink supplies and distributes various Medical, Nutritional and Healthcare products, throughout the 36 Nigerian States, but the following gives some examples of the product range, which is by no means exhaustive.

1. Medical Devices, Tools and Diagnostics Products
These are devices used for Cardiovascular treatment, orthopedics, diabetes, blood pressure monitors, Insulin equipment, various surgical tools and related surgery instruments.

2. Pharmaceutical and related Prescription Products

Prescription products are distributed through the network of hospitals, government agencies, health centres, medical units, and other licensed organisations, for controlled distribution to their various patients and related network organisations.

3. Nutritional Supplements

Which include Multivitamins, Menís, Womenís and Childrenís vitamin supplements, liquid nutrition products, pregnancy supplements and related product range.

4. Consumer Body Products

These are mainly skin care products, baby care, general health care, visual care, oral healthcare and auditory care.

At Team link dedicated to the effective planning, organising and distribution of quality pharmaceutical products that is geared to sustainable health improvement in peoples lives. owns and cities.

You can contact us by clicking on our contact links on this website, you can also view our sample product range by clicking here Contact Us at TeamLink Pharmaceuticals